Foster Teens Need Laptops to Succeed

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

1 laptop in the hands of a foster teen can increase the likelihood of high school graduation, college enrollment, future employment and decrease depression rates.

At Ticket to Dream we help foster kids just be kids by providing hope and opportunity to children in need. For foster teens opportunity often goes hand in hand with having the technology they need to keep up in school and learn vital life and employment skills.

Did you know there is a growing digital divide that is leaving foster youth behind?

In the US over 80% of foster youth do not having consistent access to a computer. This means they often cannot complete online homework assignments or papers, which leads to decreased school attendance and lower graduation rates. Lack of access also keeps them from independently finding support programs, applying for jobs, college, scholarships or grants, and limits socializing with their peers, family, caseworkers or CASAs. The lack of experience on a computer also severely hampers their employment opportunities in the future. Research has shown that foster teens given these resources experience improved grades, school and work attendance increases, pursuit of college and employment improves, depression is reduced, and self-esteem increases.

To help, Ticket to Dream works with our non-profit partners to provide kid friendly laptops to as many foster teens as we can. With your support we've already provided over 2600 foster youth with the tools they need to learn online but have thousands of foster youth still requesting assistance. We need your help! Your donation above will help us increase the odds of success and happiness for foster teens across the country.

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