Aanika Javagal
Aanika Javagal's Fundraiser

Help me raise money to purchase new art supplies for foster children throughout SACRAMENTO

Join me and help us raise money to purchase art supplies for foster kids

$0 towards $1,000

Hello! My name is Aanika , and together with my brother Arjun, I have developed the Art for the Heart program for the Ticket to Dream Foundation. We will be collecting new art supplies for the Ticket to Dream Foundation to help local foster kids in the greater Sacramento area.

Why are we collecting art supplies? Foster kids go through many transitions which can be very hard and emotional. I want to do anything that I can to make this transition easier by collecting art donations to send to them. Any form of art, whether it’s a simple doodle, can be very therapeutic and will help these kids get through theses transitions more smoothly.

Thanks for your support!

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